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Lindsay, Matt, & Ryan Austin

Founders of Ryan our Lion

Personal Bio:

Matt and Lindsay met in high school and have been happily together ever since.  Ryan completes this family of three (five if you include the pups, Max & Chip!). Matt works at a payment processing firm and Lindsay works at a local architectual sinage company. During their free time Matt enjoys playing and watching football, spending time with his family, and  of course, playing with Ryan. Lindsay says she enjoys watching the boys play and wrestle around. She also enjoys cooking and lots of sweet cuddles!  


What is your biggest feeling of accomplishment?

Getting to see the radiant smile Ryan constantly shows, no matter what obstacle he faces.


Favorite Place your have traveled?

San Diego / Sea World! It was the best week of our lives!


Why do you like to volunteer?

We started Ryan Our Lion with the mission to save our son. That is still our mission and will always be our mission. The money we raise with our events goes towards Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Gene Therapy Research - the cure for Hunter Syndrome.  With the research currently on the verge of going to clinical trial, every dollar we raise truly counts!  Knowing the harder we fight, the better our chances are, to watch Ryan grow into a strong, determined and successful man – who continues to light up every room he is in. 


      Ryan Our Lion is always encouraging new friends to join the pride and help us make the cure possible.  If you or someone you know would like more information about volunteering with Ryan Our Lion, please send us an email using the simple contact form below.  Ryan Our Lion welcomes youth groups, school clubs & activities and several other groups seeking volunteer work to contact us about upcoming opportunites.  We look forward to meeting you and hope you will join us in fighting for those with Hunter Syndrome.


Every Person Can Make A Difference

Everyone Can Do Something

      Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and several other highly influential leaders of our time have all agreed that it is through helping each other that we will find change in the world.  When we work together to find a common goal, powerful growth begins to happen and life-changing transformations can be made.  The volunteers behind Ryan Our Lion work tirelessly towards raising the funds necessary to make the cure for Hunter Syndrom a reality.  Team Ryan is determined to stay dedicated to the fight, working together to make a difference to the thousands of people worldwide affected by this life-threatening disease.  Take some time to get to know our team members below and continue reading to find out how YOU can help make a difference too. 

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