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     Welcome to the official Ryan Our Lion website!  We appreciate your support in our mission to raise awareness about Hunter Syndrome and hope you find this website helpful in learning more about this life-threatening disease. It is our hope to continue to educate others about this debilitating disorder in order to gain the financial support needed to fund the cure for Hunter Syndrome.  You can find more information about this disease on the "Hunter Syndrome" page and by checking out "Project Alive", a powerful video project created to help raise awareness. Click the button below to find out how you can be a part of helping save the lives of children with Hunter Syndrome.

We're Not Going Down Without a Fight

Spreading Awareness with Project Alive

     Check out this awesome video created by our friends over at Project Alive!  #WhenIGrowUp is a fundraising campaign that encourages supporters to share photos and videos stating what you dreamed of being when you grew up.  Ryan is featured on the website along with other boys with Hunter Syndrome, all who have the same dream of being alive when they grow up.  See Ryan's picture and learn more about the project by clicking the link below.   


Click Here to Learn More

Learn More About Our Mission

     Visit the "Team Ryan" page to learn more about our mission and the amazing people who help make it all possible.  Through hardwork, dedication, and unmatched determination it is our goal to make sure the cure for Hunter Syndrome is available to all those who need it.  Click the link below to find out more!  


Click Here to Meet Team Ryan

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